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The Keep, a film released by Paramount in 1983 (marking its 30th anniversary this year), directed by Michael Mann, starring Scott Glenn and scored by Tangerine Dream to this day (2021/07/27), has yet to even be released on DVD, officially.

It did have a limited VHS and Laserdisc release, but we've now passed the DVD age and have moved on into Blu-ray technology. This petition is to Paramount, Michael Mann and Tangerine Dream to work together and through all the legal issues to finally bring us the official, full, director's cut of The Keep on Blu-ray in a high-definition transfer.

Perhaps, this is something that Scream Factory can make happen.

More about the film itself.

A wonderfully stylish horror/fantasy film that has built a cult following over the years. From Wikipedia:

Within a deserted citadel (the "Keep" of the title) in World War II Romania lies entrapped a dangerous and malevolent entity named Radu Molasar. When the German Army occupies the castle to control the Dinu Mountain Pass, Molasar is unwittingly unleashed from deep within the innermost recesses of the citadel by a pair of treasure-seeking soldiers who pry precious metal icons from the keep's inner walls. When the icons come free, 'something' changes and the viewer gets a sense of foreboding. In the ensuing days, Molasar emerges briefly and consumes the treasure seekers' life energy. A detachment of Einsatzkommandos then arrives to deal with what is thought to be partisan activity. The Einsatzkommandos' actions only fuel the demon's hunger for bloodshed and soon more troops begin to die in mysterious, gruesome ways.

At the instigation of the local priest, the Germans retrieve a Jewish historian, Professor Theodore Cuza, from a death camp to decipher a mysterious message emblazoned on a wall of the keep. The demonic and, at this point, cloudlike Molasar saves the professor's daughter, Eva Cuza, from a sexual assault by two Einsatzkommandos and then enlists the aid of her grateful father to escape from the Keep. Cuza is also cured of his debilitating scleroderma by the touch of Molasar and therefore becomes doubly indebted to the malevolent entity. However, a mysterious stranger arrives to foil this plan. After a misguided and unsuccessful attempt by the professor to have the "angelic" stranger stopped, and after a sexual liaison between the "angel" and Eva, the two supernatural beings engage in a confrontation in which the demon is weakened and drawn back into the innermost recesses. Concurrently, the mysterious heroic 'angel' becomes tansformed into the same metallic icons, thus forming a sort of plug or key inset into the keep's inner walls retaining the malevolent Molasar once more.

Strangely enough, the film can be found on Netflix Instant Watch.

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Halloween Love
You can catch it on streaming, but no official Blu-ray release yet. :(

Gregory Allen Zbranek
Please release a director's cut of this film with an isolated soundtrack.  I would be so happy.  Thanks.

Charles P. Wood
Please try to make it a Director's Cut with an Isolated Soundtrack if Possible.

Raymond Smyth

Ben Fraser
Directors cut please!!

Peter Hagenaers
Please release a remastered version of this movie!

Anthony Smith

Danny R Williams
At this point

james burke
A favourite of mine that should be allowed a directors cut (with the tangerine dream soundtrack)

Saw it on 35mm recently. One of my favourite horror films. Seeing the directors cut would be a dream come true. Come on Paramount please make it happen.

Connor Quade
Important film in the career of Michael Mann and one of the most fascinating

Thomas Carpentier
Release "The Keep" director's cut

Walter McDougall
Please release a Director's Cut Blu-ray with isolated soundtrack. That would be most awesome as this is a fantastic film. Thank you.

Marcel Rocque

James Oxyer
This film has lavished in obscurity for far too long. It is a brilliant display of sight and sound with perfect atmosphere and great effects. This film is the most-deserving of a Blu-Ray release than any other

kurt wiley
Definitely a worthwhile movie to re-release on blu-ray

Jonathan Rasimowicz
Something's been......released.....well not yet!!!! We need this in HD now!

Mr Glyn Greaves
Remember watching this with my Dad on VHs. Would mean a Great deal for so many reasons

Paul David Maddock
Intrigued to see the full version - saw it in the theater back in high school.

Michael David Smith
3 hour the Keep? I'm in.

Jacob Zaner
Saw this film with my father at the theatre when it came out. Have always wanted to own a copy on DVD.  Would love a directors cut.

Danny flego

Ran Raider
One of the best poetic horror movies of all time.  I hope the full directors cut is released.  I have waited too long to add it to my collection.

Gary Leicester

Matthew Potvin
It's 2013 why deny us?

Aaron D. King

Daniel Gagan
I would gladly overpay for a directions cut DVD version of the Keep.

Nikos Triantafillou
I copied the previous comment:

Gregory Allen Zbranek
Love this film.  Please Please finally release a full director's cut with an isolated score track.  

Richard Villafana
Great movie, deserves at least a DVD release, preferrably a Bluray

John Caruso
The KEEP is one of my favorites. Please release it on DVD SOON!!

Kevin Upperstrom

hassan razzaq
please release this unreleased classic so a new generation of film fans can see what true art is.

Thomas Carpentier
"The Keep" is an enchanting experience.
The public deserve a DVD/Blu-ray release as soon as possible.
The ultimate dream would be an extended director's cut under the supervision of Michael Mann. Please, make it happen!

Please release a Director's Cut of "The Keep" on blue-ray.

Martin Oates
Always been fascinated by this movie, and would love to see the proper original version (directors cut). The start of the film is very atmospheric, with the soundtrack emphasing it. The Demon itself is probably the scariest most sinister one in a movie! My VHS copy wearing out - release on DVD!

Brett Anthony Harrison
I'd pay good money for a BD of this film.

christof deconinck

Matthew Stringer
A full remaster please, not a VHS transfer!

David Seigler
I agree completely. Hi def transfer with isolated score would be outstanding. Would buy in a heartbeat!

clifford thomas proctor
get it on bluray - with all the different versions !!

Simon Shanley
Would love to hear director's commentary 

Ken Naylor
Digitally remastered extended version on DVD / Blu Ray for 2014 please.

Marc Daniel

Bly Panter
One of my favorites please release full movie in Blue Ray format.

Pierre C yr
Cmon already! Bluray theatrical with extended directors cut and gobs of extras :). 

Garth Hill
Director's cut would be incredible.

Riccardo Simone Berdini
Please.... the world need it!!!!

Christopher Bussmann
I would love to see this film finally get a proper release!

William Allen Smith
Long, long overdue.

Maciej Kowalski

Gary Robert Stephenson
Please release a remastered director's cut of The Keep. A theatrical re-release would be better but blu-ray/DVD would be a very welcome second best.

Eamonn Murray
Love this movie, have been waiting all through the DVD generation for a release. Please make it happen - I really want to see an extended cut...

Rene Splinter
Now would be the perfect time to release a 30th anniversary box set.

Sean Michael Provost
Please release this film in its' uncut form in the blu ray format. The Keep and Michael Mann deserve this! An isolated score track would be nice too! Thank you Shout! Factory!

Jeffrey Wang

Jake McDonald
Isolated soundtrack please!

Philip Brocklehurst
Please release a Director's Cut of this cult classic. This unique, beautiful work of art must be seen in its true form.

Jonathon Doyle

David Weaver

Trent Trobaugh

Darren FC Rouse

Daniel Sjöberg
I would love to see The Keep again. I saw it on VHS in the late 80's and a Blu Ray would be a fine addition to my growing collection.

Alan Barros Nogueira
Such masterpiece deserve to be release in its complete version. So many films have found their place nowadays, this one must to be in this group.

Paul Deckard
Please release a remastered Directors Cut of this great movie. Paramount you are losing money just think of all the fans that would buy this!!!

Michael Andrew Newton
Full directors cult please, Arrow video in the UK could do an excellent job with this film.

Jeffrey Crawford

Tomas Marcelo Ruiz
I support this idea, hope it works!

Graham D. Chalmers
Include all footage, somewhere on the DVD/Bluray, including the "happy" ending.

Irwin G Michelman

Rene Kaszas

Gary  Elbert Aldrich
Please release this film on Blu-ray.

Karl Ayers Kaefer
It would be wonderful to have a director's cut with all the lost footage restored to this great film!

Jessica Hitchner
Please try to restore this to its original vision!!! Would love to see it before the studios got it's hands into it!

Ken Naylor
Please release this movie in any format at all.

Jon Bayliss

david fullam

Rafael Fernandez
A great film a directors cut on blu-ray would be great

Scott LeBrun

Sean Dorris

Bill Neighbors
I saw this film in 1983 at the movies and have been a big fan ever since.  I own the laser disc but would love to have it on blu-ray.

Andrea Groppi
Director's cut with the Tangerine Dream ost

Arun Arul
Simply the greatest movie. Deserves a proper 1080/24p and DTS-HD MA release.

Philip Brocklehurst
The Keep needs to be released in its full form, the Director's Cut needs to be seen. The work of art deserves to be complete.

Sean Smith
Has to be the director's cut. It is such a unique piece of cinema even with its flaws. Would be incredible to see what Mann truly intended.

Harry Griffin-hayes

Malcolm Brocklehurst

Philip Martin Hall
Nothing would please me more than to see this great movie on blu-ray. As its the 30th anniversary how about both theatrical & directors cut plus a CD of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack. Please paramount listen to the fans!

Gustavo Moreno
Gran pelcula, please release it on BLURAY

Larry Swiercz
So many great actors in this film. With the soundtrack no other movie sets a mood like this.

Neil Oliver
it is long overdue this film should be released as a director's cut with plenty of special features on blu ray come on guys. This is a disgrace that we have passed the dvd age and still no release.

Gene Ariani

jon mackenzie
i not a directors cut maybe a decent copy of the film ,with the deleted scenes as part of the bonus features

jaimie hughes
Love this film and book,would be delighted with the mythical 3hour cut.

John Stevenson

Jared Dhaliwal

Richard John Blackwell

Anthony Hollis
Are you serious? Produced a full directors cut for this cult classic already! I'm tired of waiting!

Kevin Berne
What are you waiting for ?!?

Jonathan Taptich

Roger Rietdijk
30 years later, nice to come up with the director's cut now!

Marcel Smeulders
I love this film. Come on remaster it and give it a DVD/Blue Ray status.

Domonic Garland
I have the signed book, a video, a TV recording, a board game, and sound track. Now Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm waiting for DVD or Blu-ray.

James Michael
Great atmospheric movie, want to see the original full cut, definitely a film I want in the collection to go along with the other unique greats. Please get this released on Blu-Ray !!! ... And not just for Region 1 (US)

Friedemann Brauss
Michael Mann real sets the mood with this excellent movie. It might still frighten people but in a good way.

Dmitry Anisavets
The KEEP is one of my favorites. Please release it on DVD and BD.

douglas scott

John Echols

Chad Fuller
We need a Directors Cut with the MISSING Footage that Paramount cut off the film. We need the Movie restored to Mann's original vision.

Jode Sanchez
This movie would be a great addition to the digital age we live in now. A movie that is a rare experience for all film lovers

Andrew James Woolgar
Its a masterpiece and is better the last few Mann movies so why is it left in the 80's... Thief is finally out so get this out too.

Emmanuel Samia Gracia
Great Movie!!!! Love to see Director's Version, FULL!!!

Terry Smith

malachy mc keaveney
would appreciate the director's cut,also rare to see accurate ww2 vehicles,and uniforms.

Anthony James English

Kellie Matthews

Daniel K Tomlin
I have loved this movie from the first time I saw it, I had the Laser Disc and would watch it all the time. This is one of Michael Mann's best films.

larry b
I would love to see the full directors cut but would purchase the 93 min version dvd or bluray. I considered buying a laserdisc player just for this.

Darryl Pearson
I am utterly amazed that this film still hasn't been given the release on Blu-ray that it deserves. I was a bit of a connoisseur of horror films in my late teens, and The Keep stood out as being stylish and original, an instant classic. I'd release it myself using my own cash if I had permission!

Paul Shipkoski
Give it up Mr. Mann!  Don't be selfish.

Christopher A Elston

Jeremy Littleton
Tangerine Dream soundtrack and all 3 hours of it!

Kevin Lawrence Tole
The Full uncut film would be appreciated.

Micheal Tod tolver

Michael Lamarr Courtright
One of my favorite films ever (along with David Lynch's "Dune")  Please release a director's cut of this film!!!

Darin Hunt
This movie needs to be reborn through blu ray.

Mark Hess
A remastered edition in Bluray with Director's Cut and Original Theatrical Release. DAY HD Master audio. Might as well do if right.

Richard Snyder
A director's cut would be great.

Bernhard Zurbruegg
The odds seem bad, the attempt futile. But you gotta try, right? Legal issues are there to be dealt with. Man made, man solved. PLEASE finally release this in hi-def BD with extras and isolated score. Paramount and Virgin, solve the legal issues. Michael and Edgar, get over your personal issues with

Simon Smith

James Doshi

Edward Eugene mcclain
This films should be on DVD or blue ray. Directors cut.

paul white

Benjamin Cornelius-Bates
Let's make this happen!


Gareth O'Connor
Sure, The Keep is a flawed film. But the main thing is that it's a Michael Mann film. It simply can't be ignored. I have a 1.85:1 recording off TV, but the print quality isn't great. I'd really love to see it in full 2.35:1 and in HD too. I'd buy a BD of it straight away, no question.

william geddes
an extended directors cut would be a real bonus on a paramount first time dvd/blueray release but atleast could the cinema version be released for a start

Matthew Kenneth Long
Deluxe edition featuring alternate versions (as is the case for Blade Runner/The Wicker Man), isolated score and original poster art for the cover.

Francis Trento

Neil Harrison
Blu-ray please!!

David W. Bachman
This movie is one of my all-time favorites and it deserves a DVD/Blueray release!

Jan Slodyczka
I'd love a bluray of this one.

Keith A. Duncan

Carlos Miguel Avils Cabrera
180 min. release director's cut

Brian Wess
This is a Great Film with wonderful performances from talented actors and a haunting soundtrack that acts as a character within the film from one of the best stylistic directors of the 1980's before he sold out and went Hollywood.

Darren Wright

Kevin Reynolds

Leo Dean
Come on people let's make this thing happen. Don't let this classic die.

Raj Patel
3 hours was cut to just 1hr 30m, there's need to be complete reedit and remaster.  Possibly beyond the likes of criterion and requires studio interest

Peter Lukac
I - want - it - yesterday!

Sheridan Seraphin
I'd love to see Michael Mann's The Keep on blu ray. It's an underrated gem and it's visually astounding cinematography will translate beautifully to blu ray.

Oliver Bulmer

Cameron Sullivan
Please let all filmmakers and movie-lovers of this generation see it in the highest possible quality.

John Pitt

Brian Veroba
They really need to release this on blu ray

Keir Arts
One of my favorite films!

David Beckett
Preferably with both the theatrical and director's cut.

Peter Steggals

Steve Drury
Restore it with what ever is left of Mann's original shoot with a nice load of extras on Blu or dvd would be quite cool, if not give us a nice version of it.

Martin Jones
Directors cut please!

Kenneth Smith

Tony Paxman
The Keep is the first of six novels by F Paul Wilson

Thierry Roelens
together with the complete soundtrack

chris chatterton
A fantastic movie, much maligned, which fully deserves to be re-released into the world (much like Molasar  himself!)

Steven William Cowie
In this time of endless remakes, sequels etc, it would be nice to see something from when hollywood still made unusual films. I hold my breath not though......

Carl noble

Edward S Vega
Great movie . I would love to buy this on Blu ray.

Massimo rastelli

francisco tapiero
Yes, great idea, amazing The Keep in Blu Ray format. The Director's Cut please.!!!

Michael Boldys
This is the movie which introduced me to the cinema of Michael Mann. I then read a draft of the screenplay, and heard of Paramount cutting the film, which saddened me. Please, revisit the film and give it the treatment it so deserves.

Martin Thomas
The short version that is generally available is an amazing film - I would really like to see the longer version.

Seth Pierce Richardson
This movie CANNOT be forgotten!!! Please release a directors cut of this film

Barras Thierry
I really want to see Paramount release this Master Piece In BluRay or DVD soon as possible.. 

Caj Svensson

Michael Miles

Morgan Smith

Orlando Eastwood
Would love to see it on Blu-ray! Michael Mann is a great inspiration to me being a filmmaker. - Orlando Eastwood

conan dillon
Put The Keep on blu ray, please

Magnus Wersen

James Cushman
Please make this happen.

Kim Greene
Please release this film on Blu-ray

Adam LeSchack

Mark R. Pytel Jr.
This title deserves a proper home video release. Please release this!

Benedict Keeler
On UK BR please! Any Mann is good Mann, and we'd love all of it restored!

John Koris
please release the director's cut of this unique and overlooked film

Kevin Kovarcik

Henry Moulder
One of the strangest and delightfully nightmarish films I've seen.  I think an uncut version of this film would spearhead into a masterpiece.  Love this movie and I've been waiting a long time for an expanded edition!

Piertoni Cambiaggio

Phil Kline

Dale White
There's a great film in there somewhere. The music and visuals are gorgeous and seeing the film as close to Mann's intentions as possible would be grand. It's bizarre that a film with a cult following such as this still hasn't had a DVD release, let alone a Blu-ray.

Robert George
Underrated and under appreciated, even theatrical version.  Director's cut would be great.

Stephen Welsh
This is the finest film of Michael Mann's career and deserves to get a wider audience, it also deserves to be seen in it's original version as the Director intended. Please release the lost classic in it's Director's Cut version with isoalted soundtrack of Tangerine Dream's amazing score.

Rick Foreman

Mark A. Barto

Carl Engermann

Christian Wahlund
Would love to see this happen.

David William Smith
Director's cut needed urgently! What an amazing, captivating film! Can't believe this one passed me by for so many years

collin dubberley

collin dubberley

George Gazis
This movie needs a proper blu ray release. Arrow video could do a great job with this movie. Do something asap!!

george carbajal

Mike Hedley
Please can we have the original unbutchered version cheers

Brendan O'Keeffe
The Keep is very atmospheric, creepy movie, not perfect but honestly I want the blu-ray of The Keep

John D Mitchell
Would love to see the film as it was meant to be 3 hours worth but do not think the time and money will never be spent. Shame but would love to see it out on dvd or blu ray.

Alex Agueda
Please, release The Keep on DVD with the originally intended 3:30 mins version. 

Steven Brueneman
Director's Cut on blu ray please!!!

William Howard Conley
Director's Cut plz, Michal Mann is the... uh... MAN!

John Bradley Spencer

J William G Sykes

John Burch

Lawrence Baldasare
visually one of the best movies I have ever seen period.

Kyonn Gowans

Mario Utsugi
Please release a Director's Cut of "The Keep" on blue-ray.

Anthony Paul Levatino
Would love to see this released (long overdue) including an uncut version.

Anders Bigelow Ingvaldsen

Carl Bilodeau
Watching it on Netflix as I sign this. I wish it was in a wide screen format. I would love to see a director's cut.

Franck Selsis
A good copy of the 3h director's cut version of The Keep is a grail for movie fans !

Jamie Little
Yes Would Love A Directors Cyt Of The Keep In A Blu Ray / Dvd Combo Pack. My VHS Is Worn Out  Please Make It Happen Paramount!

Damon Cornish
How many crappy movies have been released on DVD and Blu Ray - heaps! How about releasing an absolute classic movie on Blu-Ray / DVD - Yes you know...THE KEEP!

Rodney S Ascher
Don't forget a featurette/booklet with Bilal's concept drawings!

Conor Bateman

Anthony Quoc Minh Chinh Tran

Joshua Fadem

Giselle Torpy

Phillip John Thill
The Keep is one of my favorite horror movies. A vampire movie without the traditional vampire. i have been waiting for this movie for years since my DVD died. Please release a directors cut of this movie on DVD. Blu-Ray if possible. Thank You.

Mark Harris

THE KEEP is one of the top 5 on my movie list.

Dan McCaw
Love to see this again!

Chaz Allen Walter
This is an INCREDIBLE  film, and a serious cult classic. I can't imagine why it has not been released on DVD or Blu-ray yet. Please someone make this happen! A Director' Cut would be much deserved.

Devin arnold
Netflix version doesn't cut the mustard. Please give us the full, unedited version on blu-ray.

Robert Vale
This is an amazing film, please release it to blu-ray.

Robert Batchelor
Please release this great film on DVD, fully restored to its original uncut 3 hour length and including the alternate endings as extras. An isolated soundtrack would also be a welcome inclusion

Shaun Merrigan
Please and Thank You

Gwilym Frederick Colman
A wonderfully strange work.  Please release it with as much material included as possible.

Carroll Charles Colley IV
One of my all time favorite movies, with a great Tangerine Dream soundtrack...this really needs a re-mastered director's cut and Hi-Def release!

Travis Allen Brainerd

Florian Serge Bernard

James l Ray

Andrew Peniston

Robert McDonald
The Director cut would be nice.  Please release in both regular and blue ray.  Please remaster both sound and picture.

Neil Rickatson
Great film, would buy a blu-ray copy in a heartbeat (even better if it had a director's cut too)

mallier eric
Hello i would like a bluray of course but a dvd collector will be already cool ... i love this movie so much...atmosphere...michael mann ...all

Stanton Bobb
Movie and isolated music score on Blu-ray. Deleted scenes and extended cut would be nice, too.

jesse j hernandez
Please release this movie on blue-ray,i'll pay any price to own it.

Carol Sonnenberg

Wayne Houzet
3 hour full version on DVD

Sergio Ricardo Truffello Morchio
Although overdue would be a merited homage for Michael Mann

brian sherland
Great movie and director with good music

Barry K. Elmstrand
One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Combining color, an incredible score, and dazzling special effects, it was truly ahead of its time

Lacee Star Litwinczuk

Thomas Jay Bloominger
This is a great film which could only be made better if it were properly engineered to include the full 210 minutes!

barry coil
please release this film would be happy with dvd or blu-ray thank you

Stephen McKenzie
I love this movie

Emiliano Stangatti
A Director's Cut of The Keep would be fantastic. Make it happen, just like Thief recently!

Chris Butterbaugh

David William Robinson
This is a real classic! Time to get a Director's Cut Deluxe Edition to Blu Ray!

Kevin Hansen
Yes,please release this epic film on dvd at least. People like me, WILL buy this! we have a real connection with this story and its characters.

James Pelner
This awesome film desearves a Director's Cut Blu Ray release.  I don't understand why it hasn't been done.  I would buy it in a heartbeat!

darcy emes
make it happen a must for 80s nerds.

Kurt Svendsen
Do please release a Director's Cut, remastered, of this perennial classic of the genre, it is sui generis, worth preserving as the director intended, for posterity, thank you. The artwork is far greater than any of the residual creative differences.

Lauron Ray
Just saw this on netflix. Would love to see this restored. Solid movie with a great sound track by Tangerine Dream!

Sander Rosseels

steve schiets
I haven't seen it but know this is a movie worth of it's BD release. Go for it!!

Jared Summerlin
It needs to be on DVD. As a director's cut with the alternate ending put in with whole movie.

Frederick C. Kellogg
please consider releaseing uncut version!!!

Hiro Williams
An important film from one of our best directors!

John W Bigelow

Achim Wolfgang Neudeck

Jefffrey D Klassen
it's an unusual moody and brooking film, heavy with malevolent atmosphere, and the only one of it's kind that I've ever seen, and part of a much bigger story of "The Secret History of the World", by F. Paul Wilson.  Also, starring Ian McKellen, what more reason is needed to re-release?

Thomas Riley

Corbin Harwell
Yes please make a Director's Cut!!  But also include the theatrical version too!  And somebody convince Tangerine Dream to release the soundtrack on vinyl!!!!

leif nash
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leif nash
Please release this gem both directors cut and original, also the soundtrack needs to be released on vinyl : )

steven smith

Rob Williams
remastered DVD or Bluray, bring back a classic please!

Tetsuya Kaizu
Send the negatives to Scream Factory and they'll do it justice.

Konrad Kuntz

Brian Miller
I would buy this day one!

Warren Fisher
Got a bootleg DVD  and the Tangerine Dream score on CD, but would love a director's cut on blu-ray with an isolated score to complete my Mann blu-ray collection.

Nicholas Dakopolos
Beautifully shot. Mann reminds me of the great

Nicholas Dakopolos
Sorry-for some reason my comment was missing.

Nicholas Dakopolos
...the great Murnau or David Lynch.

Andrew Woolgar
if paramount dont care then give the rights to Soneone like Criterion collection, Screen Archives, Shout Factory or best give it to Arrow ( They really give you a blu ray to be proud of)... Stop letting this master be left in the pits of hell it belongs in my blu ray collection to take to heaven

Grant Hill
This movie needs a Blu-ray release, a forgotten gem of a film that a new generation needs to experience...


Benjamin Lasure
You could at least do create a Director's cut.

Thomas Irwin

Phil Codner

Igor Leoni
Thought the book was amazing. Bring the movie to HD quality!

Matt Mackay

Jeff Acquistapace
Worthy of Criterion treatment

Shaun O'Brien
Please bring The Keep out on Bluray and if possible an uncut 3hr version of it. I would so love to see what was cut out of the movie.

Chris Kamrath

Anthony G Condon
I wamt this film on Bluray, hell id settle for the 90 min cut on DVD at this stage. I don't believe there are any legal disputes as Foxtel  screen this film in HD on a regular basis so no more excuses. I asked Criterion  they said its not their sort of film but they released ARMAGEDDON..go figure

John Ahern
Please release the best possible version of this film.

Gene Ariani

Sven De Schutter

Stephan Bischoff

Paul Thornton
Director's cut please, with Mann's commentary if possible.

krug c

Chris Ongena
Please, dont let this movie disappear in obscurity

william pfeiffer
I agree with many of the other people that have signed this petition, a director's cut would be a great idea.  The Keep is a great movie that I would like to see again, and I appears that many people agree with me on that

James Maddox
One of my favorites horror films.  Would love to have the remastered director's cut on blu-ray with separate soundtrack from Tangerine Dream!

Wilfried Voss
Please release THE KEEP in an adequate Collectors Edition. Thank you.

john white
should be released in the original length, not the usual shortened version released theatrically.

rodney brent jackson
Favorite director. All his films need to be on blu.

Jeff l Petersen
Love this movie needs the Blu treatment

Andrew David Reah
Criminal that this incredible movie has had no digital release to-date.  I'd buy this in a heartbeat on DVD or Blu-Ray (pref. the latter!)

John Cowdell

Karl W. Andersen
I used to have a VHS copy of this movie that I watched on a regular basis. This would be a great seller on BluRay if it was a directors cut with an isolated soundtrack. This is on my "Top Ten" list of Great Horror Movies!

Stephen Stone
Cult classics like this are a big hit with Blu-ray collectors these days, so this could potentially be a successful release.

Juan Pablo Bondi

Bill Mansker

anthony onofrio
Get this remaster done please.! I and my group of friends will all support and buy the new release.

Scott Brandenburg
Directors cut please!

Alister B Trafford
Been wanting to Add this to my collection for a long time now.

Cameron Rafifar
Would like to see it on blu-ray. Only interested in seeing an artistic directors cut version. The theatrical was a huge disaster, so why not redeem Michael Mann redeem everyone involved with the real thing? 

arnold petterson
Great film!

Mark Gravel
I seen this at the show and loved it! Please release!

John J. Dick
Epic, poetic and completely absorbing, The Keep is a rare cinematic jewel amidst other forgotten films that simply begs to be released! Hopefully it will be the 210 minute version :)

Anthony Smith

Joseph Rodriguez
This movie was made at a time that the 80's itself was going through a change of having it's own identity.  The music and genre has since been solidified as vintage, and now very rare to replicate. It would be a dishonor to those who created, worked on and injected life into this classic. Release it

Candy Bowden
Would love to see a directors cut...

Gary Bowden
Please release this on blu-ray! Think about it,won't you??

Eileen Sutis
Release the directors cut or uncut.  Classic movie, I have shown my kids cut version.  I have seen directors cut so much better.  Please make bluray, for all of us that love the movie and theme and for future fans.

Craig Mann
A seriously important film (not to mention a really goodo one!), especially for those of us with an interest in Michael Mann's career. Release this in hi-def with plenty of special features and the original soundtrack and you can just take my money.

The 210 mn version will be good to print on blu ray : the true movie of this autor is this long version. T Y V M.

Samuel Bahre

Max McPike
I cannot emphasize how important it is that this film receive a DVD/Blu-ray release. Not only is it waiting for a second chance--it's important that it be persevered before it becomes lost forever.  We would love to see the  theatrical cut and the three hour cut restored and released.

A. Brent Armstrong

Paul Wieler
1. BETA + 2. COMBO: DVD Region=1 (USA/Canada)  +  BluRay  +     Digital (PC) DownLoad.

Daniel O'Driscoll
I have never understood why this great film has yet to make it onto DVD or BluRay...

David Pikker
With the recent release of Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces and Nightbreed: The Directors Cut just around the corner, a Directors Cut of The Keep on Bluray would be a most welcome edition to these amazing discs

Kelvin Peter Garrett
Totally agree with others, a directors cut with isolated soundtrack would be marvelous. To make myself and friends extremely happy. Thank you!!!

Xavier Hocq

Daniel Wild
Mr. Mann is an outstanding filmmaker and his work should be available to the public. I would request a blu-ray release which preserves the theatrical cut as well as providing an extended/director's cut of the film. Thanks for your consideration.

Richard J Zimmerman II
My favorite Michael Mann film, followed by Heat and Man Hunter. This film is one of the greatest horror film classics, and a full bluray release is very much needed in my collection. KICKSTARTER FOR THIS RELEASE WOULD BE PERFECT. Would not be the first release done that way.

Richard J Zimmerman II
My favorite Michael Mann film, followed by Heat and Man Hunter. This film is one of the greatest horror film classics, and a full bluray release is very much needed in my collection. KICKSTARTER FOR THIS RELEASE WOULD BE PERFECT. Would not be the first release done that way.

Richard J Zimmerman II
My favorite Michael Mann film, followed by Heat and Man Hunter. This film is one of the greatest horror film classics, and a full bluray release is very much needed in my collection. KICKSTARTER FOR THIS RELEASE WOULD BE PERFECT. Would not be the first release done that way.

Matthew Scott Jestes
This seriously needs to happen. Loved the book and a more complete version of the film would be a perfect companion piece.

Olivia Louise Olowan Varney
So many overlooked films have been given another chance to shine through Director's Cuts. This one deserves that chance just as much.

Darren Boyd Walters
Soaked in atmosphere and originality this movie does the book justice and the fans have spoken.

John LaRandeau
Enjoyed the Netflix stream on 27Sep14

Brian Bullion

Jess Cron
Saw this on netflix streaming for the first time this past year and it immediately became a favorite. Watched it about 15 times since. A director's cut would be most welcome!

Stephanie Young
This movie needs a blu-ray/DVD release.  Everyone needs to see this awesome movie.

Ashley Page
This was a well-made film by Michael Mann. It deserves to be released. So many people like or love this movie and want to see it released on DVD/Blu-Ray or a director's cut on DVD/Blu-Ray. Please consider.

Thomas Hunt
It is a cinematic travesty that this film has not yet been released on blu ray! A f/b page needs to be created!

Joe Kidd
One of my favorite "late-night HBO" films from the 80s!  Please release on Bluray!

Gene Smith
This Movie Needs To Be Released In Its Full 3+ Hour Version And Remastered To HD Specs.

David Carroll
I would love to get the full 3 hour version of the keep on blue ray. I hope with all my heart that it will become released in the VERY near future. Why it has not been released is a mystery to me and I am sure many other people to

Shawn A Kingery
Directors cut!!! Please make this happen!

David Devine
I've watched this film many times over the last 20+ years from poor quality VHS copies to laserdisc copies transferred onto DVD, but what this film really deserves is a HD transfer with a bundle of extras to compliment the disc. Release it NOW, please!

Kyle Walton
KEEP (it on BluRay) - the Full Screen version on Netflix STANK!

Conor Duggan
Why has it never been released? Get more signatures.

kurt wiley
Should be restored as directors cut ASAP: original FX artists who worked on it are still here to help!

Frazer Lee
please make it ours to Keep. Thank you :)

Paul D Harruff

jason bronner
For the love of god, do a transfer of this to BD director's cut, 2 in 1 with DVD and the Tangerine Dream soundtrack. I'd be happy to shell 50-60$US for a 3 disc set.

Moray Binfield

Damien Hinds-Payne
This film definitely falls into the category of 'must be Blu Ray'.

Joseph Durocher

fintan hibbits
Please release a Director's Cut of "The Keep" on blue-ray  with an Isolated Soundtrack if Possible many thanks

Benjamin Edward Miller
This one has been hidden away and cut up for far too long. It needs the full uncut and remastered re-release for home video that it deserves.

Andrew A. Currie
Please make a director's cut. Do it soon!!

Nathan White
Director's cut as cinematic cut is visually brilliant but it is very very rushed as a story.


Graham Pace
Apparently Michael Mann had a 3 hour version of this movie when it was completed and it was subsequently cut to ribbons to half its length. Please could we see a director's cut and get the film looking more closer to the novel.

David McMillion
I wore my vhs tape out long ago

Mike Chadis
Just do it already!!!

Kevin appleton
Let's get Ken Russells the Devils and also the British film the shout

Adam Carl Johnson
Regardless of the directors feelings, the huge cult-following, the sheer visual uniqueness of the film- it is a testament to all involved that the film was completed. A fitting THE KEEP 'collectors' DVD/BluRay  edition would be most welcome...and WILL sell out. Guaranteed.

simon jon cottle
full length director cut , remastered if possible - classic film

Derek Crawford
'The Keep' is a true hidden gem, a masterpiece. Am in my 30s and only discovered it 2012. A true classic, in a class of it's of own. Pls release it on blu ray

Glenn Mowen
What is the bloody holdup? For godsake release the movie. Or better still remaster it and re release it to cinemas first to revitalize the audience. This movie is a masterpiece. Scott Glen??? Bah humbug! This movie has Ian McKellen, Gabriel Byrne, and Jurgen Prochnow. And Tangerine dream.

Nicolas Barbano
"The Keep" is a visionary masterpiece, and the lack of a high-quality home video release is an arrogant fuck-finger to both the film's audience and to everyone who worked on the production.

Bjrn Juul Larsen

Sally A. Ward
Hell yeah! I want it!

Jack Jensen
I have an old TV recording of this and we need a proper release, like, YESTERDAY!!! Pleeeeaaaase!!!

Rasmus Wichmann

Wolfgang Gittins

Elisabet Anne Marie Hau

Michael Bruno
Blu-ray director's cut please. It's too important a work to be left behind.

john mackenzie
even if a directors cut isint possible,,,maybe include the deleted or incompleat or alternate footage as a bonus feture

Alin Ludu Dumbrava

Ion Badescu

Frederic manson
Bring back The Keep in its full integrity and release it until the end of 2014!!


Paul Cullum

william webber
This film is a landmark in movie history. Please, please release the directors cut on DVD / Blu-ray.

Lucas Matheson

Hans Michael Feuersinger
This is a very great film from one of the masters of cinema. How is this Michael Mann film not on Blu-Ray Disc?! Please for the love of the Ancient Warlords release a full 180-minute director's cut on BRD with an isolated OST. Thanks for reading.

John Bryce Rumbles
And Catch-22, too!

Nathaniel Nims Knight
If there is extra footage that could be added to flesh out the story of this incredibly underrated movie, I would be thrilled to see it. The time is right for a re-release of this film. It has it all and is super cool retro  now that we are thirty years later

Taylor Williams

Douglas Weatherford
Obviously the preference would be to issue both the director's cut (if possible) as well as the theatrical cut. The atmosphere of the film is mesmerizing, and with all the dreck that can be found being released weekly, it is astonishing no one has seen fit to remaster and release The Keep. Please.

Sean Miller
Sometimes a film should be judged more on how it makes you feel than how coherent it is.

Peter Zicha
A blueray would be great or even a remake

Benjamin Shawn Thompson
Scream factory would be a great company to release this film. I would love to own a copy just in case netflix takes it down

Shawn Thompson

Andrew Querel

Brian A. Veroba
I am all for this movie coming out in either DVD or Blu-Ray

Miguel Mainieri

Rocky Hamilton

David Scott
Blu-Ray director's cut please!!!!   If that's asking too much, then the theatrical will do.

Richard Kern Graham
Please Michael Mann. So many love this film. Thank you.

Tyler Jirinec-Parker
Criterion would be the best hope for a blu-ray release for this, but I suppose anything is better than nothing. Hopefully this will give a lot of people the chance to discover this film... It definitely deserves to be more widely seen and certainly deserves a reevaluation. Bring it on!

Zachary Binks

Lynn Gurley

Eleanor Crist

Jeffery W Howe

Todd Coleman
Directors cut would be great!

Darren Wright

Fred Sliman

Arild Berntsen

Scott Luhn
A 2015 blu-ray release that has the 1983 theatrical release and a restored director's cut would be amazing on so many levels!  Let's do this!!

Terry Newton
This film is worthy of being released on Blu-ray.An excellent film in my opinion.I have always enjoyed it.Make it happen please!

William D. Wolford

Robert Castor
Please release this film. It's one of the few movies from my childhood that I remember watching with my mom before she passed away in 1986

Joshua Figueiredo

David John Evans

Jeb Beich

Daniel Patrick Kelly
It would truly be something if they could have a visual effects professional finish the post production on the major missing scenes that were not able to be completed due to the death of their effects man. And of course the original score! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

David Langford

Andrea Margolis
This is a great classic that my Jewish family would love to have on blu ray.

Robert Sparey

Jeffrey Alan Roby

Karol Jedrzejak

Paolo Sammut
Please please please

Christopher A. Skaja
Please release "The Keep" on Blu-ray or DVD!!!!!!!!

Tim Ladd Simmons
Despite what critics say, The Keep is a good movie.

bryan collins

John Tyler

William Hidalgo
Blu Ray, or a short run at select theatres.

Eric Belanger

Daniel Egger
Please release an uncut version of this great movie, thanks!

Leah Willard
A friend of mine showed me this movie and he would love to own a copy of it on blu ray, as would I. It is one of our all time favorite movies and we would love to see it finally step into the new world on blu ray.

Aaron Lyons
This movie is amazing! I hope this petition works out!

Billy Ray Wilcox

JM Gruget
It's realy time to have a legal and good qualitie's proposition. I see it in 83, 31 years ago!! A dirrector's cut if possible.

Benjamin Michael Sapp

Thomas Basss
Restore the directors cut please.

Darrel Hughes
Restore "The Keep" to its full glory, Extended Directors Cut 3 hrs... A classic deserves so...

Darrel Hughes
Restore "The Keep" to its full glory, Extended Directors Cut 3 hrs... A classic deserves so...

Benoit Williot
I saw this movie when it was released in theater.

Terry Heilman
Ridiculously overdue...

John Harald Stenseth
would love to see the directors original vision for this

Paul Blay
Please,... I'd pay $50 for a remastered directors cut blu-ray!

Peter Jeal
Definite purchase.

Thomas Perrett

Steve Pearce
One of my favourite films ever which I have on VHS but we really need a full directors cut and the soundtrack released on a better format

keith wollenberg
This movie needs to be released pronto!


A. M. Esmonde
Let us see the greatest entity ever commented to film, Molasar, in a 1080p directors cut please.

Matthew white
Restored Directors cut please.

lee winters
The keep would look stunning on bluray.

Michelle Cuba
Directors cut please!!!!!!

Robert Krantz

Richard Villafana
Director's cut with isolated score, PLEASE.  Twilight Time, Olive, Koch, Criterion, Someone, please!!

humberto patricio pavez soto
A timeless classic, please realese in BR!

Juan Pablo Sepulveda
A truly masterpiece of all time!!!, Its deserved a BR  and Directors cut edition!

Steven Nielsen
needs a remastered Director's cut

Martin Willis
Please release this movie to dvd and bluray so we can cut down on people making bootlegs and illegal copies of this movie. Thank you.

Troy Anderson
This is a movie that can find an audience in 2015.  It's a guilty pleasure, with great cast and awesome score.

John Hayes

Russell Archer
this needs to be done!

Rod Tydeman
A truly great horror classic, with a fantastic score. This is so Michael Mann.

Scott D Osinga
Saw this in the theater when it was originally released in 1983 when I was a senior in high school and was blown away by it. Always thought it would make an amazing Criterion release. If ever released it will be a day 1 purchase!

frank posey
man get it together,do you all see how much money can be made not just from the disk but reinterest in the music for a new generration,come on stop the immature fighting between all of you, .

Neil kenworthy
Please directors cut. Come on, please.......blow my mind!

Eric M. Smith
Please release the uncut version on Blu Ray. I would pay any reasonable price, even if it is at the high end, financially. Thank you!

Jerry Howard Crabtree
They released the Incredible Melting Man , for heavens sake!

Otis Christensen
Resolve  the problems please, it's about the money, you like money, right? Well,  get this done and we will buy it!

rod sullivan
I find it hard to beleive I can't buy a copy of this film yet.

kurt wiley
DVD of this film is long overdue, especially one containing new/restored footage. Some of Tangerine Dream's founders are now gone...would be good to get it done while Michael Mann's still with us!

Alexander Robert Charles Ross
Love this film and the book! Would love to see the full (3 hour?) directors cut!

john jameson
I want a BluRay with a DC  please.

Chris Lesage
Please copy the Dune people and release The Keep properly on BD !

Trace Reddell
This movie very much needs  a high-quality transfer to Blu-Ray, cut to the original plans of the director, and an option to isolate the Tangerine Dream score.  This is a very quirky film, a great cult classic, and will stand up to better viewings with the return of the director's cut material.

Jon Welker
Please release this film on blu ray or digital code.  A rare exceptional horror film to this day must be available to the public!

Myke heim
love the music score by Tangerine Dream

Jacob Ritchie
Spellbinding and dreamlike. Needs a proper release.

Laura marriott

Jonathan Scrivener

Mark Dawson
I would love to see the full length version.

Jean-Pierre MICHON

A underrated horror film.

Melchior Ascaride
Release the Blu-Ray ! Wait, that's from another movie. Release the 3h30 Director's Cut with, aside, the OST. Give this movie some credits, it deserves 'em !!

Bly Panter
With all the junk on blueray please release the theatrical version of the KEEP.

A cleaned up DVD/Bluray edition w/ the Tangerine Dream soundtrack could be easily done.   Forget getting a Directors Cut its not gonna happen.  Most likely the footage is lost or deteriorated and the whole film would have to be re edited by Mann WITH the original film stock,  highly unlikely.

Wolfgang Kappus

David Montoya
This is one of the finest films I ever saw when I was in my youth.  I had waited for this to come out on DVD and it never happened.  I now wish for it to be released in a remastered bluray - and if I can have my ultimate dream; to have a Remastered Director's Cut in Bluray.

Wesley Richard Sharer
It would be absolutely amazing to have Mann's original 3-hour vision put back together, but I would even love to see even just the 90-minute, studio-edited version of the film. Please put it out in remastered >VHS quality!


Clment Godin

Brian Patrick Manley

Dan Thomas
I'll never forget this movie, and with VHS almost extinct I think this needs to be put out in todays' format!

Michael L Maxey
Please release The Keep in Blue Ray, and in it's uncut version. The novel was great. Those of us who love this movie deserve the alternate ending. Thank you.

Herv Vauclair

shannon rodgers
I remember this when I was a child and loved it , but can't find it. It would be so great to have it on disc and see it back on the shelves. Thank you

Guido Marve

J. Doc DePrima
I would love to see a beautiful blu ray print of this film. It is my favorite

Kaiser Ferdinand

Marve oliver

Edward davies
Please release the film in its entirety for the many fans who have waited years.

Daniel Marsh
I am a big fan of Michael Mann, F. Paul Wilson and Tangerine Dream and would love to see a full length cut of this in its original aspect ratio. The home video releases of this to date have been pure butchery. Would buy a proper release of this on Bluray in a heartbeat.

Christian Lussier
Oh Yes, this will be very very appreciated also in French language.

Brian Veroba

John Yates

reece Carl Stanley

John Alfano
I love this movie!

Ian Smith

Nicolas Pasquet
please release!!!

Christian Michaud
The KEEP is an awesome horror movie with one of Tangerine Dream's best movie score (along as LEGEND)...Why LEGEND deserves a BLU-RAY remaster and THE KEEP does not...???Please, Mr Mann, Paramount and Edgar Froese of TD, work this one out!!! Chris

Brett Daly
Michael Mann's not going to be around forever. The studio should let the world decide whether his director's cut is a masterpiece or a rediscovered failure...

Alexandre Couceiro Freitas Silva
Please, an complete collector's edition for this picture!

Marcelo Castanheira
Director's cut, please!

Luciano Alves dos Santos

Joseph Comito
Loved this movie growing up

Robert C Burgess`
Please make the original length version of this classic available to all.

Robert George Muir
The fans need this and now!!!

Ed Luskey
An obscure masterpiece in cinematography, outstanding acting and a goegeous score. We fans have been denied for too long. Please, I haven't watched the film since the 90's because I have been waiting for a digital version.

Horacio Carvalho
Release the full directors cut 210 minutes  on bluray

Will Mclaine
Such fond of this extremely stylish movie so far ahead of its time. Scream Factory, please make it happen?

Xavier Corbel

peter ikosidekas
great film although critically dumped on.  Great creepy flick and quite deep.  Set it free!

Quentin Sears

Andrew Peniston

Carl Engermann

James whitehouse
Totally with you! Ladyhawke just got released on blu-ray. Still waiting on john wayne ' s The alamo.

David E Singer

Bradley Roy Battrum
Great Film...hope it gets remastered and brought back to life.

Michael James Phipps
Release it on Blu-Ray and DVD. The Fans deserve it.

Jose Hernandez

douglas james park
director's cut please.

Bill Damron
I have been hoping that this movie would be remastered and released on dvd or even better on bluray. This is a great movie and the soundtrack by Tangerine Dream is amazing.

Peter Donaldson
One of my all time favourite films and would love to see this in Blu-Ray as there is so much of the movie filmed in darkness. To see the Keep restored and watch in its full glory would be amazing. Also would love to see the full movie the way Michael Mann wanted it to be shown, sign me up.

Jakob Bascoban

Chris Kurz
a dream would come true!

Terry Wright
Let's get's this done.

Vincent Pappalardo

Chandler Cole
Any full release or directors version would be welcomed. Either on Blu-Ray or DVD

sign me up

Baudime Jam

David Speakman
The Keep is deserves a Blue Ray director's cut. The movie would also make a nice start to a Adversary Cycle movie or TV series. Please retain use of Tangerine Dream background music.

Xavier Hocq

Oliver Batt-Lutz

David Jay
Remastered Director's Cut with 7.1 audio (BR pref)!

Bebop Shbang
I have never seen this movie but I would love to see Mann's original vision for this film.

Ronald Gruber

David Matthew Banks
One of my favourite movies. great concept, beautifully shot with some theatrical overtones. Definitely should be released in it's full directors cut form, with the sound track as well of coarse.

Jeff Beauchamp
Release this already!

Daniel Gallezzo
please release this damn film on bluray it's about time for it

Jason Matthew Cook
Would be a visual spectacular in HD.  Would be great to have a Director's Cut before all the elements disintegrate.

Berteau Patrice

Debra Ann Reiter
So glad to find out that other people love this movie as much as I do. The release of a director's cut would be awesome!

Tom Sigvaldsen
Epic film, deserves to be released in Blu Ray

Malcolm Ryan Melton
We need this film on Blu-ray

Carl Conley White
I saw this film originally in the theater in 1983 and fell in love it; so much so I bought the VHS and have a framed poster copy on my desk! This movie had it all:  Great story/acting/ suspense/horror/setting/atmosphere/musical score and  of course, directing!  Mr. Mann, please do us the honor!!!!!!

Paul McWaters
BluRay please

Daniel Gorny
A directors cut of this film on at least DVD would be awesome! Blue ray would be that much better!!! Make it happen.

John Caward
A great movie. Cannot believe it's not in bluray yet

Tom Theakstone

Mathew Jansing

Eamonn Murray
Can we get this released on Blu Ray - or even DVD? I know several other people who are also eager to buy this movie!

Jan Grabowski

Jonathan Penick
This masterpiece needs a 2K/4K restore for bluray!

Bernard Haseloff
Love the book, film and soundtrack. F Paul Wilson hated the adaption but his own script for a comic is so similar to the movie he now admits to having sympathy for the films constraints.

Kevin Lanegan
need to make this happen

Neal Smith
Please bring this classic movie to "life" Via a Blu Ray release....

Karim Taha Wanas
Director's cut blu ray (region free) with original Tangerine Dream soundtrack, please.

Julien Fostier
Please release a restored director's cut version. The 96 minutes version of the film is merely a trailer of what could be a masterpiece !

gary beaven

Eric Draves
Would like this on DVD.

Stephen C Merritt
Please release a director's cut on DVD and/or Blu Ray. This is a cult classic that deserves to be seen in it's originally intended form.

Marilyn Rice
Please, restore the movie to its intended form and release to blu-ray.  Thank you.

This film needs to be seen in its full glory

Santiago Lago
needs director's cut and blu ray realese right away

Rogelio Troche
A truly outstanding piece of original cimena - a high definition director's cut - newly remastered with Michael Mann supervising the project would really show that Paramount Pictures cares about this piece of exquisite art!

debbie coleman
This film is one of my favorites and would love to see it in all it's HD glory with the awesome soundtrack

Ian Ashbridge

Richard Driskill
Come on, it's almost a third of a century.

Ely galvin

Ian Cobb
An original cut would be wonderful, though I would hope the sound mix could be cleaned up a bit as well.

k d thomas
had this on laserdisc great film when released make sure sounds right

Paul Senhal
BD e director cut please

Guia Croce

Nathaniel Nims Knight
Yes! I will buy a copy for me and everyone I know


Andrea Burchak
Please release a remastered theatrical, and directors cut of this awesome movie on DVD and BluRay!  Also, an isolated version of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack would be fantastic.   More people should have access to this film!!

James Allen O'Neal
The Keep is a beautifully made film with an excellent soundtrack.The special effects in this film are great.The smoke effects used on the creature are incredible.This film deserves a BluRay release.Widescreen Director's cut with alternate ending option and isolated soundtrack would be essential.

Gary Delozier
This is a piece of theatrical art and it deserves a directors cut release!

Jonathan Arrendale
C'mon now...I'd buy it if it was out

Chad Wrataric
Please release a Blu Ray of this. I'm dying to see it, especially a Director's Cut if the materials are available. Also, it's odd that Paramount's Youtube channel has a trailer up for this movie, saying it's available, but it isn't.

Andrew Roman
Please, please, please release a full version!

jon humphries

Richard Elliott
A must have on blu-ray

Warren Cann
Saw this on original cinema release... would love to see the REAL full-length version!! Absolutely deserving of Blue-Ray release.

Jack E Schwend
How long has this list been going?

Patrick Jospeh Brassil

Paul Stephen Moran
A flawed masterpiece. I would love to see a directors cut and Blu Ray release of this movie. Please do it for the fans!

vic cserer

David Shepherd

Godfrey Egee
Extended blu ray, please ASAP

pat lusk

David Brubaker

Ben Cronan

Brian David dunn
Make it happen

Forrest Borie

Terry Sutton
This under-rated film needs a restoration and a Blu-Ray release, with an optional isolated soundtrack. Make it happen!

Natalie Berger

Leigh Sturgeon
I have only seen this film once. I am a huge Michael Mann fan so I hunted this down only to find a terribly low quality cut on YouTube. I think it's time to give this film the Criterion treatment. And all of Manns other work haha.

Jeff Brown
Please release this on blu ray, with a theatrical and directirs cut option.

Kimberly Ann Gray Asaro I
Hurry up already!

Carmen Grack
This is by far, 100% my favorite film and novel of all. I've watched my terrible VHS tape too many times to count, and often more than once a week. I'd die of happiness if I could finally see the film complete and in great quality.

Clarence Obert

Xavier Corbel

Christopher Milhuisen

Danny Price
This is way over due now 2016 tick tock. Just take pre orders and you will realize there is a sizable market for it


justin homer
anther classic that need's a region 2 DVD release,

Fern Pooley

M Parry
Whoops sorry I meant Tangerine Dream.

Raphael Penasa
Just do it. Thanks.

Anthony Troiani
With so much crap available on dvd , the keep is much more deserving.

Dimitri Snijders
Great story and super music from Tangerine Dream.

Dean Harris

racquel subrize-madrid


James "Mackie" Fleishman
This is an amazing and terribly under-rated film. I would absolutely love to see Michael Mann's original 3 1/2 hour uncut version.

Matthias Simonet

Dominic Cooper
I've been a fan of this film (and it's music) for over 30 years. Please do the film some justice (and for the memory of Edgar Froese/Tangerine Dream) to release this as a BluRay Director's Cut with extras such as an isolated music score, or a special edition with the film and full 2CD soundtrack.

Ralph Hall, Jr.
We need The Keep on Blu-ray/DVD. The audio and deleted footage need to be restored.

Anne Lecomte

Wiley S Wesson
Would hope some could see the benefits of releasing this film in its entirety and in Blu ray, artistically and financially

Heiko Hamer
Release it please!!!

Mark Edward Ayers
Need the Directors cut.

Deana Fenn Bohannon
Director's cut please!

Ian Jones
Would love to be able to buy a Director's Cut of The Keep!

Mark Chapman
One of the great lost genre films. Both it and the story behind it deserve a decent director's cut package.

Troy R Moyer

Julie Garside
Director's cut please!

Chris Bragwell
This is a wonderful movie and the soundtrack is amazing.  Please release this on bluray.

Nat Tunbridge
Please bring this terrific film to Blu-ray soon!

Andrew Marc
Paramount - please release this 80s cult classic on Blu-Ray!

Kristian Wiborg

David Brian Widmayer
Yeah, lets have it in its latest and greatest Techno-Full Splendor !!!

David Brian Widmayer
Yeah, lets have it in its latest and greatest Techno-Full Splendor !!!

Thomas Robert Arellanes
A blu ray please with ALL the different versions USA theatrical, extended, EURO, Directors. Thank You

jerry c rabtree

Christopher Rasch

Paul Pettegrove
A brilliant film. Beautifully shot. Directors cut for sure. The digital transfers done for Netflix distribution are embarrassingly bad. I'm not just talking aspect ratio. It needs to be remastered before the film degrades further. I would happily order of copy of whatever format is released.

Gregory Simpson

kynan james ford
I have been looking for a any release of this movie for many years, i would happily pay top dollar for a quality dvd or blueray directors cut

Scott Schneiderwind
Director's cut remastered with isolated soundtrack. Should make a special edition with 

James Ash

Sandra A Warnken
I saw this movie in 1994 as part of a program called Spiritual Emergency Syndromes. It needs to be released to the general public in the unedited form.

Ed Yaekle
Please release full length director's cut.

Justin Fencsak

Trent Ganino
"Where do I come from?... I come from you."

Edward Michalko
Quit playing games and release The Keep on Blu-ray and DVD. If it's the original 83 release, that's fine. If its possible to issue the 3 hour cut that would be Great!

Mike Liedtke
Just simply release this great movie on DVD. How hard can it be? If it's only the original 83 release, that will do.If it's possible for the 3 hour complete cut, that would be Fantastic.

Horacio E carvalho
Release the directors cut on Blu-ray

Micha Jurasz

Robert Huey
Re-mastered release request...PLEASE!

Stephen Colgan
Come on, do it!

Nicole Vacek
Depuis longtemps j'attends le DVD, please release a director's cut

Mark David Christenson

Marcin Szymkowiak

Robert Bristol
Please make this movie available on DVD and BluRay

Scott Warner

James Ellis
Please release this film uncut as soon as possible, the world is waiting.

kris edward sirk

Scott Whitehouse
This film needs a Blu-Ray restoration directors cut. I would like to see Arrow, Eureka, Criterion or Severin do a release of this film with extras.

Gary Sinclair
This film is an absolute lost classic. I periodically watch it every winter. Despite what F. Paul Wilson says, the film is far superior. It just needs a few extra scenes that were missing. Bizarrely, as i hadnt sen it since Nov 14, it reminded me of the new Star Wars, seemed unfinished...

Mike Fecadu
Release it now or let criterion collection do a remastered directors cut like they did with Thief. And of course include the original tangerine dream soundtrack!!!!!

Micah akervold

Micah j Nelson

Nabil Daoud
Give us the Director's cut, please !

John Harris
I'm shocked that I can't even find this film on DVD.

Daniel John Waller
All films should be released to aid in inspiration and creativity for the next generation. Whatever flaws "The Keep" might have, its qualities will be picked up on and utilised by future film makers. This film is immensely intriguing, viewers deserve a chance to watch and critique it for themselves.

Richard Adrian Bartle

Daniel John Dorman
Must be done!!!

Dirk Grtzmann

Leslie Libal

James McCracken

Gordon Williams
Would love to see a release with both the original director's cut and the "theatrical" release (not sure what to call it given it went straight to VHS).

Noah Fisher
The amount of signatures is not reflective of what it would actually mean to have Michael Mann's Director Cut of The Keep, people who are only aware of his more recent films will buy this unheard of classic

Robert Allen Aguilar
It would be great to see The Keep blue ray edition sometime soon. Please make it happen.

James gulley
Please release this either on dvd for the UK or blu ray for the UK market, it is an awesome film and many more people need to see, it doesn't matter on a theatrical or directors cut, I just need this in my collection and life, please make it happen

Chris Hutchins
Please Michael Mann, return to this film, work through whatever legal processes are necessary, and show it the love you know it deserves!

carl lindbergh
please release directors cut, as is the film is great and I can only imagine what the directors cut would have been. there are many future fans of this film just waiting for the opportunity to appreciate the film.

Graham William Park
its tragic that it hasent been released on bluray very good movie

Bruce Michael Julius
Please also release the soundtrack on cd.  Many years ago I ordered the soundtrack on vinyl from my record store,it was cancelled.  This was a loss!

Dan Pappaspanos
The Keep was the last movie I ever watched with my dear grandma, God rest her soul. As a Jew, she enjoyed watching the Nazis die horrible deaths. I vividly recall her saying, "I wanna see the full movie instead of this piece of crap they put out." So please, Paramount, do this for Granny. Thanks!

Bjrn Juul Larsen

james phelps
Please, please, please, can we have a director's cut release? blu-ray even better! please, please, please.

darcy patrick emes
do it

Lakota Ruby-Eck

Colleen Cassidy

Georges Georgiou
Please release this great movie in Blue Ray...

David Hughes
A contextual two film release of theatrical & directors intent would enhance studio and director measurably, rather than dim it.

Christian Metzger
Its time

Ken Hodgman
If you remaster this for Blu-ray and include the original theatrical cut and the director's 3 hr cut I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

Peter Angus de Salis
However long it takes, it will be well worth the wait.  That said, it can't come too soon.

Robert B LiVigni
It would be great to see Michael Manns full vision of this classic and haunting film!!!

alan boniface

Donnie Hughes
Please create a BlueRay version of this film in director's cut format.

Tyler boynton
I went through horror myself to acquire and preserve a widescreen Laserdisc copy... But I would love to see the director's true vision and cut,  as the laserdisc gives so much insight into a lost work of art.

Christopher Santiago
Please release The Keep in a Blu ray ultimate director's cut! Please do this for the fans!

Michael Benjiman Sawyer
Michael Sawyer

Jake Kevin cantarella
To see this film the way mr Mann originally intended.

Jorge Umana
Please release a remastered version of this film, a director's cut. This is a deep, fascinating movie that deserves a second chance in Blu-ray (Or better yet, have Mann remake it with 21st century technology and no omissions. Resurrect this story and display it in all its 210 minute glory! : -)

jean christophe mandrou

Andrew Mills Hanke
Let's get it released on bluray! What day and age is this that a cult classic from a masterful director cannot get released? So what if Mann has disowned the film. Give the fans what they want.

Alan P. Wollenberg
A director's cut with the original soundtrack would be awesome to own on blu ray and then later release it on EPIX

Joseph Eaton
I would love to see the original version of this film.

William Ruzicka
I dream of seeing the 3 hour directors cut.

Edgar E. Rojas

Miguel Jose Flores
Let's get this made!!

Ryan Swen
A wonderful, strange film that must be made available as much as possible.

Zachary Goldkind
Mann deserves the release! We desire it!

Valerie Ang

Andrew Mieczkowski
I'd love to see the full 210 minute Director's cut.

Alec Montalvo
Do it.

Ian McGregor

Michael kornwolf


nicole medina
The visual beauty and originality brought forth by the director and excelent soundtrack need to be appreciated in its full capacity. That is why I sign this petition,this movie must have a blu-ray release.Even better would be the full,uncut,3 hour movie we missed out on.Thank You.

Curtis Frederick
It would be a great move to release the full Director's cut, even without the original music(although that would be a plus) and let us fans see this great movie.  I'd buy the Blu-Ray in a heartbeat.

Mike Boone
Please release this movie. I have waited a long time to see the extended version.  And u am a big fan..

Stephen Rollick
Just discovered this on Netflix and am really curious about all the plot points that were edited out.

Mr Jon Dracup

Jared Loer
It's criminal we can't have this on DVD. Do u not want our money, Paramount? Release a director's cut with a commentary please.

Markus Drr

Dupuis Pascale

Liam Jeffrey Mitchell
Such a good film ! Would absolutely love to see a full version on blu ray. Great things should not be hidden away, please make it happen !

Gary Delozier
I KEEP waiting!

James G Clark
This is a truly wonderful film that I must have watched 10 times on cable

Peter Westerhof

John Graffio
Hope this works.

James W Pelner

David Fellows
I want the original directors version of the movie...not the one with the unhappy ending that was shortened.

David Fellows
I want the original directors version of the movie...not the one with the unhappy ending that was shortened.

Julian Melendez
The full 210 min directors cut would make this nerd a happy nerd.

Tom Cline

Suzanne M farnsworth
I have had hundreds of customers ask me for a copy of The Keep over the years. We always share stories of it being our favorite movie when growing up.

Achim Wolfgang Neudeck

John Cunningham
This is an excellent film based on a great book. It is a crime that it is not available on DVD/Blu ray. Please get things together and let it out.

Christopher Coles
Please put this onto blu Ray or re make it,It was and is a brilliant movie and with the remakes their doing now and the technology available this could be mind blowing,This show has stuck in my head for 33 years,Please put me out of my misery.

Thomas Beach
Please release The Keep on blu-ray for all of it's fans.

Patrick Gibbons
I want to own this. Preferably in a longer Director's cut.

Why so many bad films are on blu ray and not this one ? A particular trip  with great Tangerine Dream music,  great pictures. It's a great flm ! I'm a french fan of  this film.

William Allen Smith
One of Mann's most interesting films.  I have the LD release, but a director's cut is long overdue.  I don't care about the isolated soundtrack; I want to see the original conception of the film.

David Anderson Cook
As a TD fan I discovered this hugely atmospheric movie by chance. The welsh slate quarry location is superb. DVD remaster now please !

Brian Crossfield
Huge Michael Mann fan

garland clark

Joshua Price Mandrll
For the love of God....get to it already. I don't want to be 50 when it finally comes out. Lol

Joseph Cruz Cota

rene lopez
I saw the keep at the movies in 1983 I too felt like there was something missing on the story line even though I did not read the book I would like to see the full version directors cut I would buy it in a heartbeat

Stephen Thompson
I have it on laser would love to have it on bluray please please do a directors cut.

Ana Isabel Jones do Carmo

Olav Gundersen
Simple enough, re-release the movie in its long Director's cut version, preferably remastered for at least HD on Bluray, or even better for UHD/4K. Also, a re-release of the complete soundtrack would be much appreciated.

William Thatner
At this point, wouldn't the relevant parties like to make some coin from a fairly poorly performing property?  Don't do it for the fans, do it for your bottom line. An extended directors cut would be well received by today's audience. You know, everything old is new again...

Matthew Jay Doan

Joey Haven
Not only release a DVD/BR version of the original theatrical release but, I support the release of a "director's cut" (Michael Mann) closer to the original vision of 3 hours.

Kathryn J Cassell
Love this movie

Holmatov Muhammad
As a true lover of cinema of many genres I hope we will see the full vision of a master filmmaker Michael Mann.

edward albert barber

Robert Craig
yes! would fit beautifully between my blu-ray releases of Zardoz(1974) and The Wicker Man(1973)

Catherine Souriau
We really need to watch a high quality version of this unique movie, please!

Bill Chin

ian m edwards
Not only it be placed on Bluray but it should also be the Directors Cut. There is about 2 hours of unreleased footage out there somewhere. Original cut should have been around 210 minutes long. Cut i've seen is only around 98min give or take.

Donald F Gow, Jr
Please release the film (preferably as a director's cut version)

Philippe Tessier

Massimiliano Tibaldi
Even though subject to major and arbitrary cuts of more than half of its original length, it is still a very good movie. It would be great to let everyone have the chance to see the entire movie.

John P Crafton
While the original cut is not quite as good as the book, it's still a tremendously effective and atmospheric movie.  I miss being able to watch it - in any form.  PLEASE give it the release it deserves!

John Bannon
A classic epic that deserves a decent disc, please put the elements together and restore this motion picture. Thank you

Travis Indovina

John Earl
Its been way to long for this great movie masterpiece to finally come out in the format that will fully display its full scope.

Bryan Boyd
Way overdue

Sean Adams
I could depart this earth in peace with a complete & fully realized version of film & score in my posession!!

James F. Macumber
I have read F. Paul Wilson's novel & seen the film.  It is a travesty that the film had 114 minutes of its 210 minutes cut.  I hope that somehow the film can be restored to Michael Mann's original version & the finally rleased properly on DVD.

Alan Morse Davies
Please try to restore as much of the planned 210m run time as possible, a separate remaster of the Tangerine Dream soundtrack would also be a lovely bonus.

Robert Stewart Donlevy
A directors cut of this amazing movie would satisfy many people.

Michael A. Quinn
I have a Laser Disk version but it is the cut version. One time I saw the uncut version where Scott Glenn return from the KEEP in the end through the water. I Would be one of the first in line to buy an uncut version.

Jason Matthew Cook
Get some interviews with the actors and technical people before they all pass away.  If necessary do a Kickstarter campaign to fund things.  How about doing it in 4K?  Since it was all done on film and no CG it should be possible.

Amanda Navarra
One of the best movies. Please bring to blu ray. Stop the pirating!  I would be happy to pay for a real clean version.

Joe DiBruno
Please release this movie on Blu Ray or 4K.  I really want to see the original 3 hour version.  Have always been a fan of the movie and have read F. Paul Wilson's book twice.

jose m rego diaz

Stephane Alary

Axel Klevenhaus

Bert Marx
This move deserves a decent cut!

Christopher Campbell

James W. Pelner

Clint Avenatti
I'd be very interested in purchasing a restored Director's Cut of Michael Mann's The Keep.  This is the Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut of beautifully shot horror films.  This really is a valuable piece of film history from one of the great all time writer/directors: Michael Mann.

Duane Johnsen
Looking forward to a remastered edition of this movie.  Isolated soundtrack would be nice.

Robert Anton
803 and counting. Only 197,000 to go.

david kovacevic

Barry Isaac
All  industry "politics"  and egos aside, I cannot fathom why such a gem hasn't had a pristine , Criterion worthy Director's Cut (as a olive branch to Sire Mann) release to date.

Benjamin Edwards

Stephen J Skrapits III
The Keep is a rare treasure and the most atmospheric film I have ever seen. It is an exceptional adaptation of the book by F. Paul Williams. An incomparable film!

Eric Ingvald Furness
One of my favorite films, really needs a high quality DVD or Blu-Ray

Serge Polman
Please, Please, Please release this on Blu-Ray !!!!!!!!

Steve Pop
Blu-ray release would be great. It would be nice to have the 2 versions, theatrical and the T.V. version with longer alt. ending (assuming the latter wouldn't be the Director's Cut, if it is, then Director's Cut and theatrical versions).

Richard Burdon
Love this film. Saw it back in 83 and watched it on Netflix recently, but would dearly love it on blu-ray or DVD.

Craig W. Weiss
Please release a director's cut from the original 35mm negs + an isolated Tangerine Dream soundtrack.  Thank you.

michael hertling
Re-mastered Director's cut 1080P widescreen.   Make it a limited edition.. 10000 copies.

Mark P Garner
This film has so much potential still, release the full, uncut version, Michael Mann should finish the film. Today's technology makes anything possible!

Nick Mitchell

Peter Smith
Just found this petition, hopefully it is still active as I have been searching for years for a FULL version of this film

Curtis Davis
Bluray or 4K would be, better!!

Wayne Via
Please release the original 210 minute cut and theatrical cut in it's original widescreen ratio. Thanks a lot.

Tom Mertens

Colin R Willey
Love this film and Soundtrack, it would be fantastic to see this full length on Blu-ray. Thanks

Timothy Gibson
Please please please please please please release the full unedited film, I love this movie so much!!!!!

Terence Buckley

John Rollins

maxime degrace
we want it on bluray

Jean Pablo Rodriguez
This film was done quite dirty and it's not all Paramounts fault Michael Mann was quite indecisive hell I can't even say you'd easily gain financially from releasing his nigh 4 hour cut of the film or the 2 hour cut and finding it would take time but you really should do the fans justice

Walt Tanner
Love this movie. I want it released as soon as possible.

Maciej Kuczynski
Even in short version it is a great film - the complete 210 minutes movie would be a great treasure. Please, release the complete version on DVD.

Atreyu Svoren
We've waited long enough for this gem to be released on Blu-ray. It continues to be a fine example of what film really is, even in it's somewhat unfinished form.

James Gulley
Please please release this film on blu ray or dvd, this is a fantastic film and even though Mann doesn't like it, a lot of pea please do, please don't be like George lucas and deny us on a classic film , that's be part of our lives and child hood.


ilias georgiadis

Vassili Simon
Director's cut please!

Gerard Dominic Huntman

James Moore

Mike Cooper

Mark Nelson

Arthur Boff

Sebastian Fitzpatrick
As a big fan of Michael Manns early work, Id love to see the film (along with its three hour cut) released on Blu-Ray.

Stephen Thomas
A Director's Cut Blu-Ray would undoubtedly make you money.

Alan Williams
This is one of my favourite films.  I have been trying to get a dvd copy for years.  Please release it.

Andrew South
A favorite of mine since my teenage years. Would love a DVD or BluRay release of this film!

Sarah Louise Addams
I'm a long-time fan of interesting films.  I've had many opportunities to contrast films which reflect the director's vision, and films which have been altered to fit the studio's vision of an intended demographic.  Comparisons rarely flatter the studio's choices.  Please re-release this film.

Barry Borras
Long overdue.


We desire the original, 3h director's cut for this outstaiding movie, please!!

Bob Mantlo

martyn rotherham

Unbelievable no blu ray! One of the greatest budget psychological horror suspense films ever made! This movie will easily profit close to 1 million blu ray sales in U.K alone.Studio heads should consider strongly a full uncut release no matter the quality + original re-edited version 1080p & 4k pls.

Adam Farrell
Directors cut please. It would make a lot of people happy

Please, please release not only the theatrical cut of the film, but also the director's cut on blu ray.  A nice box set of both cuts of the film and the full Tangerine Dream score would be great.  Thanks so much!

Chris Bragwell

Regan Rigolo

TJ Craig
A brilliant, lost film.  I would love to see a Blu Ray and/or 4K release of both the theatrical and Mann's original cut.

k d thomas

Nabil Daoud
Please Paramount Studios, release the Director's cut !

Philip Blake
Hey buddy,

Glenn Robertshaw
It would be nice to have the original 210 minute uncut version  of this film. It has full-on suspense  & is eerily atmospheric. It should prove hugely popular on HD Bluray, with the excellent soundtrack.

Ty Pittman
Awesome film I was only 3 years old when it was filmed but when I eventually watched it I was hooked.

David Butler

Steven A Brueneman
I have always loved this movie and long to see the 210 minute cut of the film as it was meant to be seen.

Matthew O'Neill

mark matthews

Seth R

Saw this movie in 1983 or 1984 on a paid channel in The Netherlands called Filmnet when I was 6 yrs old! The part where the nazi soldier is pulling his buddy from the hole  traumatized me (obviously).  It's one of the greatest most horrible most beautiful most ridiculous films I have ever seen!

Santiago A.
ya saquenlaaaa


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Crazy movie lover
Please bring this to Blu ray.

Love this cult classic.  Nearly every other cult classic has been released.  Why not this one?

William Lawrence

John Breur
Great movie... deserves at least a Bluray release...

Pedro Carbonell

Michael Thornton
Fingers forever crossed!

Dir Cut must be. That is shame that we must wait so much time.

Alessandro Zanforlin
This movie deserves to be seen and listened to in the higher quality possible!!!

Mike D
Please release the full 210-minute Director's Cut onto DVD or BuRay.

Michael Ventimiglia
A DVD or Blu that contains the 96 min theatrical cut as well as the 210 director cut is an instant purchase for me

Jim Begg
Please release the original cut (200+ minutes) of this wonderful film so that it can get the exposure and rightful praise it deserves after the film was spoiled through studio cuts.

Tom Crawford
My wife and I have been fans of this movie since it's release...  Please provide us the opportunity to see the full length Director's version and buy it on blue ray.

Rod Biggs
Has anyone contacted the actors to see if they can get this done?

      ,     .           

Jonathan Cope

Mark O'Donnell

 ,  online-      ,      -   :  -

Robert M. Wallace
Most Assuredly, this movie desperately needs to be moved from its heavily truncated form, to a brand NEW restoration, cleaned up and raised to the realm of ethereal magnificent quality.  .  .the Way it should have been 20--30 years ago!  ! Come on Mr. Mann, Please, Please make this a Reality for All

Eric Hanley
We need this to happen. Please release The Keep on Blu-ray

Alexander Tait

Jennifer Gordian
Michael Mann's "THE KEEP" is getting an official DVD (only) release on 22 January, 2020, in Australia, through Via Vision Entertainment.

james Jackaman
this is a film that is visually deserving a better quality than a laser disc video, which is the current best possible copy of the film.

Jamie Brittain
Cool movie and amazing score by tangerine dream

George Bowers
Would definitely like to get a copy of this movie for my collection.

Aleksander Strak

Lee Godwin
It's been a favorite of my family for many years. Not having a blu-ray and/or director's cut is beyond reason and borders on empty-headedness.

Daniel Johnston

Aron Tarbuck

The DVD has been quasi-officially released (original 96 min version) from Viavision but we need the 210 minute version on Bluray. Put it in a correct package and I'm in for $100. Let's go. We're not getting any younger.

John Bitmead

winston lay
need dvd and the original 210 cut

Stacey Murphy
Please release the complete movie as the current version is great but incomplete.

John Yates
Love this film so much!

Claudia Mattox
Please Please Please release the Director's Cut long version with an Isolated Soundtrack!!!

devin arnold
please release this movie, do we need to go fund me page?

Ken Hill
A great film but needs an updated release for better video quality and audio track.

Eric Braille
It's profoundly disappointing that after investing so much creativity, craftsmanship and effort in the original project, that this excellently cast and acted, gripping and thought-provoking creation will never be allowed to fully realize its natural destiny as should be its right. A tragic waste.

Mitch Wright
Please, make it so! I was 8 when I saw this movie. I have always had a heart for sci fi and fantasy films. I have had a copy of this film on DVD, but would proudly watch and display this film along with my growing blu ray collection!! The majority of my collection is an 80's nostalgia haven.

Marc Mougeot
The Keep is long overdue for nice Special Edition BluRay release, and if the original Director's Cut no longer exists - a supplement with Deleted Scenes, or an Assembly Workprint Version would do just fine as well.

Kevin Brown
I wish we could see the original cut, but a Blu-ray of the existing cut would be better than nothing.  It's an interesting movie for sure.

Peter Smith
The full version please

I  would like to see justice done to remaster "The Keep" -  an underrated cult movie to Blu Ray.

Michael Miles

Luke Morgan
One of the best I have seen

Luke Morgan
One of the best I have seen

It s great anyway, with the refrain this is my life, this is my way, you know I like it sung with such passion and defiance that it almost seems Marty s telling everybody to fuck off right now.

Dave Farrar

gary  wright
please please please please make this happen!!!! Thank you.

Christian Tamminen
The original release on VHS, I recall, based on a brilliant book, was butchered in the edit. This is a classic film from a genious Director.  A blu ray Directors cut please.

Bruce Fyfe
There is now a DVD out in Australia. We really want a widescreen bluray or 4k UHD disc including the Director's Cut to be released.

Joe Haman
The world deserves to finally see the entire movie as it would have and should have been.  Thanks

Mark Sebring
Time for a release of the complete film.

William Campbell
210 minute version

Jason Wallach
I’ve read the novel and been a fan of this film since I was a little boy! I would love to see the film re-edited in its 210 minute version making the story and characters more complete! Please work with director Michael Mann or even author F Paul Wilson to complete the cut, restore the film

Keir Arts
I'll pay whatever is asked!

Shawn Francis

Brett Rutherford
This was an awesome film even, an important one in the horror genre, and it deserves to be restored and preserved. Many are curious to see a director's cut of this title.

Joseph DiGristine

Don Traverso

Kenneth Schouten

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Phil Burrows
please release The Keep on Blu ray, inclusive of the directors cut and CD of Tangerine Dream's entire movie score

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kareen treasure
please resolve issues and do the right thing - put egos aside - make it happen - directors cut blu ray!!!!

Добрый день. 

Alexandra Lifeson
I want the original 210 minute cut of the movie! Please, please, please!

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J miller
Please let’s have the full directors cut and see just what his full vision was. As seen with others such as nightbreed lately, this can make the movie so much more.

Shawn Brown

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Darren jackson
Forever on the lookout for good edition of this, picture and sound quality is paramount for how this movie to be ultimately enjoyed

jerry fritz
Theres a reason Mann wanted this to be a 3 hours + film . A lot of story to tell.

Доброго времени суток. 

Joseph Vrabel
I would really like to see the full 3 hour version.  Was it entirely scored by Tangerine Dream?  I have the old DVD.

Kieran Green
I’ve been waiting eons for this to get a release, please make it so!

paul cowen
the full 210 minutes!!

Toby Woby
Give this a remastered director's cut PLEASE.

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Vincent Simonelli

Bradley Marcus
Would love to see the Uncut 3 1/2 hour Version that was never screened anywhere on Blu-Ray.

Thomas Oliver

Доброго времени суток товарищи 

Donald Turner
As a film aficionado; The Keep (1983) has been a long time hole in my extensive personal film library. It is a distinct movie and was an important component in my formative movie years; it holds a special place in my memory. I feel it is long past-due a proper Blu-ray release.

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Duncan McB
This is a criminally overlooked gem, and deserves more recognition! A physical  release of the film would do wonders for that

Duncan McB
This is a criminally overlooked gem, and deserves more recognition! A physical  release of the film would do wonders for that

Leonardo Leon

Gary Wright
Love this movie. 3 hr version would be awesome.

Tim Burrell
Would love to see the full 3 & 1/2 hour director's cut on Blu-ray.  Especially if packaged with the 2 hour and theatrically released 1 & 1/2 versions too (for completists)

Jared Zimmerman

Wilhelm Kerth


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josh springstube
I am a longtime fan and listener of Tangerine Dream's music, especially the soundtracks including 'The Keep' which make the film more exciting and suspenseful.  Please release 'The Keep' on blu ray as it is an excellent film from Michael Mann with a very intriguing plot and storyline.

robert strautman
A blu ray edition is long overdue

Carlton waghorn
Please bring this out on blue ray

Hello all, guys! I know, my topic may be too specific for this forum, 

Pat Reese
I would love to see this film as originally intended. Then perhaps it would get the acclaim it deserves.